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Scholarship Recipients

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My name is Natalie Turner, and I'm Sarah's twin sister. Sarah is my best friend and inspiration. We did everything together including our academics, even sharing the same major! She fought her battle against leukemia with such grace. Sarah ultimately won the fight because she's in Heaven with Jesus now. The Angela Stanford Foundation's love and generous support of us is a blessing to our family. I hope to honor Sarah and the Foundation through my final year at Baylor and beyond.

Scholarship Recipients

We have twenty students currently receiving scholarships from the Angela Stanford Foundation. We’d like to take a moment to introduce them and thank you for your generous sponsorships and donations.

Elora Beazley

Colin College: Information Systems Cybersecurity

I am honored to have been chosen as a recipient of this scholarship! This scholarship means that I will be able to attend college without my mom and I worrying about how I will pay for it, and that means so much to me to be given that opportunity. I am so incredibly thankful for the Angela Stanford Foundation and the kind work it has done for me and so many other people in need!

Kelsie Chambers


This is scholarship means a lot to me because it will help me get closer to my goal as a neonatal nurse practitioner. I am truly thankful for receiving this scholarship.

Cameron Choate

Texas Tech Univeristy: Animal Science

Being awarded this scholarship will help me get closer to my goal of becoming an embryologist with significantly less student debt. It is an absolute honor and I hope that I will be a positive example to other young cancer survivors to always let their experiences shape them but not define them. I will forever be grateful to the Angela Stanford Foundation for their support and commitment to my education.

Julianna Cook

Texas A&M University: Elementary Education

What this scholarship means to me: This scholarship means so much to me! I am so grateful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship and further my education in hopes of one day becoming an elementary school teacher!

Ellen Crawford

Texas A&M University: Political Science

I feel so honored to receive this scholarship. This scholarship will help me to fulfill my educational goals and greatly reduce the financial burden for my family. It tells me that there are people who understand what I went through and still believe that I have a future worth investing in. This scholarship will allow me to focus on my grades and school and helps me to regain some of what I lost my senior year of high school by granting me time to get involved with clubs and activities and be a part of a school community. I am so grateful for this support from the Angela Stanford Foundation.

Christian Englert

Dallas Baptist University: Biblical Studies

My name is Christian Englert, and I am from Euless, Texas. I am currently attending Dallas Baptist University and plan on graduating with a degree in Biblical studies. My goal when I graduate is to complete my masters at a local Seminary. The scholarship I have received allows me to continue college and pursue my future goal of becoming a pastor. I am so thankful and honored to be a recipient.

Garrett Johnson

Tarleton State University: Agribusiness Economics

I am honored to have been chosen to receive the Angela Stanford Scholarship. The Angela Stanford Foundation recognizes the challenges associated with battling cancer and is investing in my future. The scholarship will assist me in completing my education while limiting the amount of debt I will incur to obtain my degree. I will be able to fulfill my dream of being a college graduate with the help of this scholarship. I am blessed to be a recipient and am incredibly thankful for the support.

Alex Gonzalez

Univeristy: Nursing

My name is Alex Gonzalez and I am from Dallas Texas. Winning this scholarship is a dream come true for me. I never thought I could be a recipient of a fantastic scholarship. This motivates me even more and hopefully I can help others just like Angela Stanford foundation helped me! Thank you!!

Katelyn Gudenau

Dallas Baptist University: Management of Information Systems

My name is Katelyn Gudenau. I am currently attending Dallas Baptist University to obtain my Bachelor's in Management of Information Systems (MIS). While there, I will be gaining knowledge in basic computer programming, web design, information security analysis, and IT project management. After earning my Bachelors Degree in MIS, I will begin my studies to acquire my PMP Certification as well as earn a Masters and Ph.D. in Information Technology. I am so excited to be able to further my education through the help of this scholarship. This scholarship is helping me to continue to achieve my future goals and I will be forever grateful for the Angela Standford Foundation.

Madi Pitts

Texas Tech University: Global Sutdies & English Literature

I am sincerely honored to be chosen as one of the recipients of this amazing scholarship. Words cannot begin to convey how truly thankful I am for all of the parties involved. Knowing that there are people that are willing to invest in my education, makes me push that much harder to make a change not only in myself but in my community. For this, I am forever grateful and will dedicate my life work to duplicate the love and support I have received at the Angela Stanford Foundation. This Foundation has sparked a domino effect of future philanthropists that will inspire millions and keep hope alive for all.

Rylee Spence

Baylor University: Middle Grades mathematics

My name is Rylee Spence, and I attend Baylor university. I am so thankful to be a recipient of this scholarship and to play a part in this community. This scholarship means so much, but most importantly it is a constant reminder that I have people cheering me on that understand the challenges I have faced. I am beyond grateful to have the Angela Stanford Foundation supporting me and their willingness to invest in me.
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We are now accepting scholarship applications for 2023 !

Click here to submit your application.

Criteria for candidates for the scholarships include:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Current high school senior or college undergraduate
  • Degree-Seeking
  • Applicant must be a Texas resident
  • Young adult who has been diagnosed with cancer or whose parent/guardian has been diagnosed with cancer
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities and commitment to their community
  • Exhibits financial need

For more information about the scholarship, deadlines, and application, please email Foundation Executive Director Amy Green at

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